Commissioned Work

The synergy of two minds collaborating conceptually seems to be producing the most interesting and unexpected work. I look forward to capturing the intangible that is you and creating my best work yet. What sets your soul afire?

Commissioned works start at $1,000. The more hours I can put in, the more awesome it will be.


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  • Chris Isner - Cernunnos Sings Spring Waters

    Cernunnos Sings Spring Waters

  • Chris Isner - La Purga Psicodelia

    La Purga Psicodelia

  • Chris Isner - Awaken #5

    Awaken #5

  • Chris Isner - Curandera Vortex

    Curandera Vortex

  • Chris Isner - Curandera


  • Chris Isner - Sorcerer


  • Chris Isner - Intensity of Vision

    Intensity of Vision

  • Chris Isner - La Purga Serpientes

    La Purga Serpientes

  • Chris Isner - Awaken #4

    Awaken #4

  • Chris Isner - La Purga Tentáculos

    La Purga Tentáculos

  • Chris Isner - Plumajero Yagé

    Plumajero Yagé

  • Chris Isner - Acacia Offering Bowls

    Acacia Offering Bowls

  • Chris Isner - Aura Geometry #3

    Aura Geometry #3

  • Sold Out

    Aura Geometry #2

  • Sold Out

    Aura Geometry #1

  • Metamorphosis

  • Icaro

  • Plume

  • Sold Out


  • Aya Bust


What Our Customers are Saying

“I first saw Chris Isner’s astounding sculptures on a post in Facebook. I was instantly fascinated by his work. At once it is dark, monstrous, a deep exploration of a tortured Id; and at once mythic, beautiful, transcendent, and a triumph of human potential. I’d like to say Chris’s work is like some great artist of the past but that is not possible. It is unique, fascinating, timeless. The forms and faces appear to grow out of the wood he so expertly carves, revealing the monsters and gods hidden to the unawakened eye. I am the proud owner of several of Chris’s pieces and I look forward to adding more to my collection. Hafiz says that “True art makes the divine silence in the soul break into applause.” This is most true with Chris’s amazing work.”

Dr. Richard Grossman

Healer, Heart Feather

“I was I introduced to Chris' work through a mutual friend who owns a piece. I was absolutely floored by his attention to detail and how much the piece moved me so I contacted Chris to inquire about commissioning one for myself.

I was expecting to have a nice conversation between an artist and a client what I got was so much more.

Chris immediately started brainstorming and throwing out ideas to which I was quickly able to respond. It became a frenzy of creativity and just added to the entire experience and overall meaning of my piece. When I look at the finished product I see our combined creativity and it makes it that much more amazing.

Not only was Chris quick to reply he was quick to create, but that doesn't mean he rushed. He puts his entire soul into his creations. When I received my finished creation I could literally feel Chris' amazing positive energy resonating from it.

It is so much more than a beautiful and meaningful sculpture on my wall. It's a talisman that will be something I pass down to my children and they to theirs. After this experience I am also honored to be able to call Chris a friend, he is a beautiful soul and our world is a better place with him in it sharing his gift with us all.”

Christina Zaliznock-Buehler

Camas, WA

"Gracias a usted por purificar mis ojos con tan bellas creaciones tan poderosas y magnificas!" ("Thank you for purifying my eyes with beautiful creations so powerful and magnificent!")

Kamala Shakti Ibanez

Artist Kamala Shakti: Global movement characterized by devotional service unto the divine within all

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