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    Green Man

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    Aya Vision

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  • Vine of Souls

  • Awaken 8

  • Awaken 9

  • Vine of the Dead

  • Cosmos

  • Pachamama 3



Kamala Shakti Ibanez

“Gracias a usted por purificar mis ojos con tan bellas creaciones tan poderosas y magnificas!” Translation: “Thank you for purifying my eyes with beautiful creations so powerful and magnificent!” Kamala Shakti Ibanez Artist Kamala Shakti: Global movement characterized...

Christina Zaliznock-Buehler

“I was I introduced to Chris’ work through a mutual friend who owns a piece. I was absolutely floored by his attention to detail and how much the piece moved me so I contacted Chris to inquire about commissioning one for myself. I was expecting to have a nice...

Ronna Jojola Gonsalves

“I look at one of your glorious pieces of art every day. She brings tears of joy and inspiration to me. She reminds me to be honest and whole. She shows me the many sides of life and love and my own brand of faith. Yes, there is dark in her, in you, in your art, in...

Dr. Richard Grossman

“I first saw Chris Isner’s astounding sculptures on a post in Facebook. I was instantly fascinated by his work. At once it is dark, monstrous, a deep exploration of a tortured Id; and at once mythic, beautiful, transcendent, and a triumph of human potential. I’d like...
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