Commissioned Work

The synergy of two minds collaborating conceptually seems to be producing the most interesting and unexpected work. I look forward to capturing the intangible that is you and creating my best work yet. What sets your soul afire?

Commissioned works start at $1500. Most folks are paying $3000. How much energy would you like focused?

Your bespoke piece.

I go into a trance like ritual as the process begins. As if summoned with your presence being there, you could tell me about yourself, what makes you tick, what your passions are, astrological signs, spiritual beliefs, concepts, images. It’s really up to you. All of that information will then inform the work. I also don’t mind adding progress pictures if you like, open to your input. Or it can all be a wondrous surprise. Whatever the synergy of our minds working together manifests, I can promise that nothing else like it exists in this world.
An excellent method to determine price is to close your eyes and ask yourself, “How much is the most meaningful thing I will ever own worth to me?” A number will pop in your head. Then open your eyes and double it, to ensure that you haven’t sold yourself short. Remember, we are capturing the intangible mystery that is you.

My latest commission piece


MONOLITH - Custom made for Aubrey Marcus

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?

The #1 question I get during exhibitions is about the material used, people asking if they’re ceramic or metal or even plastic (!)  because people have just never seen wood like this before. Neither have I and I’ve looked and looked!

The materials find me, Mahogany, Teaks, Douglas Fir, Walnut, Oak, Poplar, Onyx, Aventurine, Labradorite, Sodalite, Quartz, Agate, and Ruby so far… 

How do you do it?

Given that neither I nor anyone else I’ve talked to has ever seen work like this before. No, I’m not going to reveal my technique, and i’m going to keep it that way for a while. That being said my finishing process gives a dark patina along with the aged, raised grain, even still they gleam and shimmer. Basically, the texture, color and any cracks that may appear is what the wood would look like after several hundred years of oxidation. Soon I intend to show peruvian children my technique, i’ll also add, every piece is hand-carved.

Where do you get your inspiration?

This work began in the Amazon jungle several years ago when I was cured by native healers. One of their plant-based medicines contains the most powerful visionary substance known to man and it was during intense visions that I learned my technique and saw the imagery that informs the work. I also get inspired by clients when creating commissioned work, producing pieces specifically for them also delivers a burst of brilliance by working with their intentions.

What's the effect of the pieces? Is there a way they can be used?

They seem almost impossible, or out of this realm. The power of his visions is palpable through the work, imbued, and the art seems a vicarious connection to Ayahuasca.
There’s been numerous interpretations of the art, all of them have a powerful effect on people. Here’s a summary and ensure you check out the testimonials for a clue…
– Talisman
– Scrying Object
– Mirror, mirror on the wall
– Feng Shui
– Energy Containing
– Shrines
– Sexual Practices
So many in the spiritual, occult, pagan communities often use gimmicks made from china, energetically useless trinkets. Buffer your practice with real energetic power. 


What's the trajectory and future of your art?

My marketing team has been outreaching to the elite psychedelic community, masonic temples, and prestigious art galleries along with cultural movements. They are really picking up steam and collecting massive amounts of interest. I imagine that makes it an incredibly lucrative investment. 


Let’s create a unique piece just for you. Fill in the form below and the rest is legend.

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